Enterprise mission: Green environmental protection, benefit the earth

Corporate Vision: To build a world-class environmentally friendly tableware manufacturer with advanced technology

Core values: humanities, environmental protection, quality, development

Strategic positioning: vigorously expand the industrial chain, promote the cooperation model of World War I (national), and take the road of industrial integration and upgrading

Entrepreneurial spirit: self-motivated, technological innovation, pragmatic and hard work to achieve common development.

Business philosophy: 1. Green and environmental protection, quality first, open up the international market in all aspects; 2. Sharing interests and sharing risks; 3. Credit-oriented, mutual benefit and shared value; 4. Long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win; 5." Seek progress steadily, seek good from fast, and control risks well"

Quality policy: compliance with laws and regulations, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, energy saving and consumption reduction, scientific innovation

Environmental protection policy: green, energy saving, environmental protection, sustainable development


Enterprise purpose: humanities and environmental protection, communication and cooperation, innovation and development

Performance principles: fairness, justice and openness

People-oriented management concept: 1. To cultivate people with Fuling culture, to unite people with Fuling career, to evaluate people with performance, to improve people by learning; 2. To work in Fuling, learn in Fuling, enjoy Fuling, love Fuling

Ethics: honesty and trustworthiness, legal operation, paying taxes according to law, and repaying society

Strategic goal: vigorously expand the industrial chain and take the road of integration of major auxiliary materials and industries

Marketing policy: 1. Strive for customer acceptance with marketing, obtain customer recognition with products and services, and promote in-depth cooperation with customers with overall strength and focus on customer needs to create customer value and help customers successfully realize and consolidate customer strategic alliance relationships; 2. Special personnel for major customers send samples, special personnel for major product development, and special planning for major markets


Complaint management: the lawsuit should be answered, the response should be fruitful, if there is any change, and if there is no complaint, there will be more encouragement

Service concept: Where the customer is, Fuling's service will follow

Equipment management concept: zero failure, zero risk, and zero defect

Information management: 1. The overall plan, the guiding ideology of step-by-step implementation and the overall positioning of "independent development and maintenance as the mainstay, and external introduction as a supplement"; 2. The overall plan, distributed implementation, and benefit-driven

Product R&D: market-oriented, customer-focused, proactive, innovative and changeable, providing one-stop integrated new product development, technical support and consulting and other value-added services R & D guiding ideology and product development "new, "Quasi, complete and fast" working ideas

Procurement management: 1. Compare quality and price, and shop around; 2. Support the integration of research, production and marketing, and a great linkage between supply, technology, development, and equipment.

Health management: "Abide by laws and regulations, focus on prevention, and care for health"

Cultural atmosphere: happy study, happy work, happy life


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